Axiom Leadership Transformation Step 3: Trust in Principles and Truths

Key Axiom: Decide to align your will and your life with correct principles and truths

Action Steps to Trust in Principles and Truths:

  1. Continue to learn from others and your own experience the correct leadership principles and truths
  2. Decide to live according to principle and truth, change what you can change, and accept what you cannot change

Compare the key axiom statement in Step 2 with Step 3.  They are very similar, but there is a key difference.  A decision has been made.  Step 2 has given you hope and a belief that correct principles will help.  Step 3 is an actual decision to change.  You choose to truly embrace leading by principle and you “give up” how you used to lead.

This may seem like a trivial difference, but it is not.  Choice is the foundation of change.  You must choose to become a different leader.  If you are humble enough, and have enough experience and belief that principle-based leadership will make a difference, you then must make the key decision to align your will and life with those principles.  You choose to trust in principles.  You act on your hope.  You step into the darkness, so to speak, and trust that as you do the axioms will guide your way forward.

Step 3 is an act of agency and one of the most important choices you will make in your leadership career.

Some people have felt restricted by always being guided by a “set of rules.” An interesting outcome from this choice to align is that instead of seeming to restrict or lessen your leadership ability, aligning your will with principles and truths actually extend and increase your ability.  You always know what to do.  You always have confidence in the direction you are headed.  You find more confidence and surety, which are key leadership attributes.

The decision to trust is basically a decision to proactively act and not have to react or be acted upon when chaos or the unexpected ensues, which it inevitably will in business and life.  This brings a steady hand and a clear mind to any situation, which are more attributes of great leadership.  You are not swayed by what the markets say and dictate; what the company may have done previously that you have inherited, by what others think, feel, did or did not do.  You have clarity.  You have understanding.  This comes from trust and alignment.

This can be a scary decision for some.  It’s almost as if you are being as trusting as you were when you were a child.  Experience has possibly callused you to trusting that deeply in something beyond your own talent.  I’m sure your trust has been broken at some point.  The key is the decision to go back to that deeper willingness to trust.  You are accepting principle and truth as greater guides than yourself and your “gut feel.”  I’m not saying you shouldn’t utilize your gut, but I’m am recommending principle be applied first and then checking your gut for confirmation.

Make the decision to trust in principles and truth.  It is the breakthrough step to truly transforming into an axiom leader.  Once you have sincerely decided to trust, it’s now time for a fearless self inventory to see the truth as to what kind of leader you are today.    Truth, axiom leadership transformation step 4, will be my next post.

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