Inspired by Beethoven: Sharing My Music

06.06.13 2

As I reread my post from this morning, I thought about the feeling Beethoven was describing as he worked to discover his beautiful music.  I have experienced that same feeling of being “in the zone” and the resulting innovation that comes from the creative effort.  It is an amazing feeling.  

I not only have felt that feeling of innovation in my professional life, but I also seek that same feeling of inspiration by writing music as a personal interest. Attempting to a bit vulnerable here (a key leadership trait I encourage in all executives), I have decided to share a link to the music I have written over the years.  You are welcome to listen and download for free at  My hope is that you will be inspired to share your own art, your own creations and innovations, with the world.

We all have unique talents and gifts.  I encourage you to develop them and share them.

Unleash your greatness.

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