On Greatness: The Will to Meet the Trials


I believe, with abiding conviction, that this people – nurtured by their deep faith, tutored by their hard lessons, moved by their high aspirations – have the will to meet the trials that these times impose.

~ Lyndon B. Johnson

One thought on “On Greatness: The Will to Meet the Trials

  1. Reblogged this on The Career Mentoring Project and commented:
    Trials make me stronger. Smarter about situations. More ready for what’s next.

    In a recent conversation a friend, lets call her Rita, confided that management is interested in helping younger people succeed and she felt less support than maybe she observed her younger peers were receiving. I believe management tries to develop any emerging talent it can! However when the stakes get high and the seas turn rough it seems to me that the seasoned employee has something more than hard work and the will to succeed.

    The will to meet trials is the “price of entry” for success at work. Hard work is a must. Intelligence, savvy, ethical behavior are all needed just to hold position in your career sequence.

    Note I didn’t say “in your current job”. Ethical behavior may not help you hold your current job. You may be cheated. Your successful work may be stolen from you. But long term you will succeed. The trap is thinking that using any method at your disposal to “win” is acceptable.

    It’s not.

    Greatness comes from will, wit, and wisdom. When the stakes are high – take the high road.

    It’s the only road that keeps your career on track long term.

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