On Career Development: Listen To Your Heart


So whatever you plan to do, whether you plan to travel the world next year, go to graduate school, join the workforce, or take some time off to think, don’t just listen to your head.  Listen to your heart.  It’s the best career counselor there is.  Do what you really love to do and if you don’t know quite what that is yet, well, keep searching, because if you find it, you’ll bring that something extra to your work that will help ensure you will not be automated or outsourced.  It will help make you an untouchable radiologist, an untouchable engineer, or an untouchable teacher.

~ Thomas L. Friedman

I totally agree with Mr. Friedman’s counsel to listen to your heart.  I didn’t necessarily do that early in my career.  I followed a path that was set out for me. My Dad was an accountant so I went to school to be an accountant and became one, even passing the CPA exam.  I just thought that was what I was supposed to do.  Over time, however, I realized my heart just wasn’t in it even though I could do accounting well.  I started to take some risks and accept opportunities off of the tried and true accounting and finance career path (check out my LinkedIn profile if you want to see my career history).  Yes, it was scary sometimes, but I learned that when you follow your heart, the path tends to open up toward achieving your dreams.  You just have to have faith in yourself.

Listen to your heart.  What is it telling you?  What is one thing you can do today to achieve your dreams?


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