On Innovation: Creativity vs. Art


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep.

~ Scott Adams

Do you remember the free flowing creativity you used to do as a child? Remember all the times you created art just for the love of creating and sharing with others? Where did that love go?  I think its still there, just waiting for you to visit again. Open that door long since closed and see what comes out.

I have tried to do that recently with my music, writing new songs and sharing in my city with a free concert (listen or download for free here).  It has been a liberating experience.  I have found a renewed passion for the power and inspiration of music. I have remembered the thrill of the process of creation and the excitement of the finished piece.  What is stopping you from doing the same with your creativity and art?

I encourage you to allow yourself to create without limitation today.  It can be anything.  A few chords on a piano or guitar.  A quick sketch drawing.  A clothing design.  A business idea.  A poem or blog post.  Whatever.  The important thing is to act.  Unleash your creativity.  Share your art. 


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