On Leadership: The Courage To Stand for Principle



Let us have the courage to defy the consensus, the courage to stand for principle. Courage, not compromise, brings the smile of God’s approval. Courage becomes a living and an attractive virtue when it is regarded not only as a willingness to die manfully, but as the determination to live decently. A moral coward is one who is afraid to do what he thinks is right because others will disapprove or laugh. Remember that all men have their fears, but those who face their fears with dignity have courage as well.

~ Thomas S. Monson

I am dedicated to inspiring axiom leadership, or principle-based leadership, throughout the world.  Becoming an axiom leader starts first by being a leader that inspires trust.  Are you a leader of integrity?  Are you honest?  Are you authentic?  Do you have the courage to do the right thing – to stand for principle?

In my studies of great leaders, I find those who are revered and considered legendary were people of courage who firmly stood by what they believed in.  Those who believed what they believed, and also believed in them, chose to follow them with more than just their hands.   They gave their hearts. That commitment of people’s hearts contributed to the greatness the legendary leaders achieved.

In very simple terms, you can’t be a leader unless you have followers.  With no followers you’re not leading, you’re acting alone.

Leadership is a privilege given by those who follow.  People follow when they believe in you, which means they believe in who you are, what you stand for, and the results you produce.

What principles do you stand for?  Do you do the right thing at all times and in all places whether someone is watching or not?  When you do you build self-trust, which is the foundation for the type of courage Mr. Monson is talking about.

Choose to be courageous.  Choose to stand for principle.  Choose greatness.



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