On Success: Lessons from the Very Affluent


Whatever you do, do with integrity.  Wherever you go, go as a leader.  Have the courage to lead.  Whenever you serve, serve with caring.  Whenever you dream, dream with your all.  And innovate, and never give up.

~ Curt Carlson

I expected them to fail on some things; if they didn’t fail, they weren’t doing important things.

~ Warren Buffett

If you’re not on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.

~ Peter Buffett (Warren Buffet’s son)

I pulled these quotes from the October 7, 2013 Forbes magazine article The Forbes 400 – Buffett Family Values.  I believe it’s wise to listen closely to those who are successful to learn the principles and values that contributed to their achievements.  Warren Buffet, in particular, has been quite successful and seems to have remain grounded, including how he raised his children with all that wealth.  This article is a panel discussion that included Mr. Buffett on how the very affluent raise children to share their values.

You are, or will be, successful in your career.  It’s important that you decide the principles to guide your family for that success.   Check out the full article here for Mr. Buffett’s insights.

Choose to be prudent with your success.


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