On Leadership: Top Ten Qualities That Make a Great Leader



Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

~ Warren Bennis

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

~ John Maxwell

I recently came across a great article by Tanya Prive, a Contributor on Forbes.com, regarding the top ten qualities that make a great leader.  Here is her list of the top ten qualities of a great leader and my interpretation of each:

  1. Honesty – Be vulnerable about who you are and what you believe.
  2. Ability to Delegate – Hire great people and get out of their way.
  3. Communication – Speak clearly, concisely, and be available for your team.
  4. Sense of Humor – Don’t take yourself or the work so seriously that you stop having fun.
  5. Confidence – Confront the brutal facts of your reality, but never lose faith (see Jim Collins’ Good to Great)
  6. Commitment – Work hard and keep your word.
  7. Positive Attitude – See the possibilities in any situation.
  8. Creativity – Be willing to change course if your plan doesn’t work out.
  9. Intuition – Trust your gut.
  10. Ability to Inspire – Help others believe and see the potential in what you are building.

Check out Ms. Prive’s complete article here.

This is a good list to review ever so often to remind you of your commitment to be an axiom leader.  Do you emulate these qualities?  I encourage you to pick one quality to focus on today and improve your leadership.

Choose axiom leadership.  Choose greatness.


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