On Executive Management: The Art of Precision



PowerPoint may not be of any use for you in a presentation, but it may liberate you in another way, an artistic way. Who knows.

~ David Byrne

Presentation skills are key. People who work for you represent your brand. You want them to present themselves – and represent you – in a certain way.

~ Marc Benioff

I recently read about an interesting movement that started in Japan called PechaKucha 20 x 20.  PechaKucha is Japanese for “chit chat”, but now represents the art of precise presentations.  The PechaKucha model is very simple.  You have 20 slides to present your work with only 20 seconds per slide.  20 x 20.  The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images.  I thought this was a great framework to encourage a focused message and eliminate all of the unnecessary information we tend to include just because we can.  It’s like TED with a twist.

Check out a good article in Inc. about PechaKucha here.  To find a PechaKucha Night (PKN) in your area (designers take note!  PKNs focus heavily on design), check out the official PechaKucha site here.

Why am I sharing this with you?  As an executive, you are often asked to speak publicly and share vision, mission, values, and strategy.  You often use presentation software to help teach.  If you want to improve your presentation ability, I encourage you to put together a 20 x 20 presentation and hold a PKN of sorts in your company.  It will force you to hone your message and really utilize graphics well.  Those two skills are critical for your success, especially in this day of hyper-communication.  This may seem a bit unusual, but sometimes doing something a bit extreme helps take you to a new level of performance.

Choose to be precise.  Choose to refine and simplify your message.  Choose greatness.






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