On Success: Opportunity’s Dance Partners



Opportunity will dance with those already on the dance floor.

~  H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

~ Thomas A. Edison

I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.

~ Thomas Jefferson

I follow a blog by Cranston Holden who writes about leadership and character.  I enjoyed the following post he recently shared about opportunity and preparedness and felt you might as well.  Here is a full repost.

“A young boy is playing in the front yard.  He is bouncing back and forth between being busy running his toys through the dirt and pretending he is a ninja fighting the evil samurai in ancient Japan.  He sees his grandfather approaching from a distance.  He notices the large string of brim on a line his grandfather is holding.  This is a much larger number than he normally catches, especially more than the few times when the young boy has gone fishing.

“Paw Paw, where did you catch all the fish?”

“Well I got up early this morning and grabbed a pole and the tackle box I prepared last night.  I hit the water as soon as the sun hit the sky.  I rowed that little boat out past the dock and down about 200 yards to where an old tree used to be and had fallen over into the water.  I cast my line out in a couple different spots and I just so happen to throw the line out in one particular spot and finally caught one.  I threw the line out again in the same spot and caught a second one, then a third, a forth, and so on.  Apparently I found a bed of brim feeding right below the surface.”

“Wow!  You sure were lucky Paw Paw.”

“Lucky?” the grandfather asked.  “No Charlie.  I wasn’t lucky……….. I was READY.”

When opportunity arrives and asks you if you would care to dance are you ready? Do you gladly accept or say, “I’m sorry.  I don’t know how to dance.  I’m not prepared.  Give me some time and let me get ready.”?

Opportunity will say “That’s okay.  I will find someone else. I may be back at another time and perhaps you will be ready then.”‘

Mr. Holden effectively teaches the principle of preparation.  He also teaches the principles of work and patience.  Check out Mr. Holden’s blog here.  I recommend it.

Do you put in the effort necessary for success?  Are you ready for the opportunities when they present themselves?  Note that Paw Paw knew what he was looking for.  He had a vision and a purpose and took the necessary steps to achieve it.  There is great wisdom here for those seeking for success.

Choose work.  Choose to be prepared.  Choose greatness.


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