On Success: Success is a Choice



Success is no accident.  Success is a choice.

~  Rick Pitino

Years ago I read Rick Pitino’s book entitled Success is a Choice, and found it to be an entertaining and insightful look into what makes a championship basketball program at the collegiate level.  For whatever you may feel about Mr. Pitino, currently the head basketball coach of the 2013 NCAA champion Cardinals basketball team at the University of Louisville, the results confirm he is a successful leader and coach.

What is a key axiom for greatness we can learn from Mr. Pitino as you start out your week?  Success is a choice.  A choice to do what?  A choice to make the necessary sacrifices to be successful.

I follow UtahRunning.com and received a great video from them regarding Stephen Curry and how he became successful as a NBA basketball player.  It teaches the same principles Coach Pitino teaches, but captured in an inspirational video.

To inspire greatness I encourage you to watch it now.  Check it out here.

Choose to be successful.  Choose to reach your full potential.  Choose greatness.


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