For Sunday: Remember What Is Most Important



A happy family is but an earlier heaven.

~ George Bernard Shaw

For most of last week I was traveling in Austin, Texas and have been mainly focused on my professional responsibilities.  I have been in many meetings reviewing financial performance, operational details, strategic projects, and other related topics.  My mind was focused on the tasks that needed to be accomplished to achieve expected business results.

During a break in the meeting schedule I checked my voicemail and listened to a message from a close friend.  I had noticed he had called me a couple of times in the previous days but had not left a message.  Since he didn’t leave a message on the first couple of calls I assumed it wasn’t urgent and made a mental note to touch base with him when I returned to Salt Lake City.  He left his voice message after the third call.

I could tell from his voice that something was wrong and he referenced a tragedy that had happened in his family.  I immediately left the room and returned his call in the hallway outside of the offices.  With emotion, he shared with me that his 14 month-old granddaughter passed away unexpectedly due to complications resulting from meningitis.  I listened as he shared his grief and that of his family.  I also became emotional as I listened to this great man mourn the loss of his beloved granddaughter and was strengthened as he shared his faith regarding the bigger purpose in life and how this experience contributed to his growth and learning.

After saying goodbye I remained in the hallway to compose myself.  I was reminded again how quickly life can change and what is truly most important.  It is our family.  It is those we love.

For Sunday, I encourage you to pause and focus on those you love.  Tell them you love them.  Hug them.  Be with them.  Notice them.  Experience them.  True happiness is found in your family and close relationships.  May you experience that today is my hope.

Choose to remember what is most important.




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