For Renewal: Never Apologize For Showing Feeling



Never apologize for showing feeling.  When you do so, you apologize for the truth.

~ Benjamin Disraeli

As we move into the weekend again, I encourage you to turn your mind away from work and toward those in your life you deeply care about. As executives, we may believe we have to show a tough and unfeeling exterior in order to be respected.  For axiom leaders the opposite is true.  Axiom leaders are authentic, vulnerable, and are willing to show their true feelings.  They say what they think, are willing to look foolish, and care about those they work with.

At Alytis we live by 10 core values.  One of them is to build a loving family and a positive team spirit.  It may seem a bit unusual to refer to the people you work with as family, but it serves as a point of emphasis of how we think and feel about each other.  Of course there are sometimes we don’t get along, just like any family, but we still care about each other and our overriding purpose to empower human potential.

Axiom leaders live according to truth and are consistent not only when they have their professional hat on but also when they are “off the clock” and with those they love.

For renewal, I encourage you to express your true feelings to someone today.  Be vulnerable.  Have that “20 seconds of insane courage” and say what you really think and feel.  Tell the ones closest to you how much you love them.  Take the one that you love in your arms and tell him or her what you love about them and what they do that generates a feeling of gratitude.  If this is unusual for you, then all the more reason to do it.  It is a key step towards greatness.

Choose to show true feelings.  Choose greatness.


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