For Renewal: Always Eat Cake


A party without cake is just a meeting.

~ Julia Child

Every Christmas season my wife and I get to attend many holiday concerts around the city.  My daughter sings with the One Voice Children’s Choir in Salt Lake City and they are a popular attraction, especially at Christmas time.  Who doesn’t love to hear kids sing Christmas songs?  We get to see and participate in many events we wouldn’t otherwise go to.  We are grateful for her interest in the choir and the opportunity.

As we move into the weekend, my thoughts went to the quote above by Julia Child.  Many of us tend to go all out for big events, like the ones my daughter participates in, and other traditional holiday gatherings.  People dress up, special food is prepared, and happy memories are created.  Don’t get me wrong, I love these type of events as much as anyone, but I wonder if the magic of those events could be sprinkled on other regular gatherings and activities.

Think about family dinner for example.  Do you go through the same routine for dinner and rush through it just to be fed, or do you look at it as an opportunity to gather as a family and deepen your relationships with them?  Is it just a meeting?  What if you added cake?  What would happen?

I have a good friend who taught me a wonderful principle about celebrating birthdays when we worked together at Influence International.  I noticed she had many friends inviting her to lunch, on trips, camping, or other fun events to celebrate her birthday each year.   I pointed out in conversation that the celebrations seemed to be well before her birthday and sometimes well after.  With a big smile, she replied, “I have no problem people wanting to celebrate me and my life.  We can celebrate for a whole month if they want to!” I loved this.

We should celebrate more.  Celebrate the people we love.  Celebrate the time we have together as a family.  Celebrate the precious time we have here upon this earth.  I believe we are here on earth to experience happiness and become our best selves.  Why wait for the big events to have cake?  Make every opportunity with your family an opportunity to celebrate.  Don’t just make it a meeting, make it a party!

For renewal, I encourage you to find an opportunity to make a normal gathering a party.  Add a sprinkle of fun “just because.”  You will generate a bit of surprise at first, but it will turn into smiles and memories.  Choose to do that more often.

Choose to celebrate life.  Just add cake!


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