For Sunday: A New Song



Don’t die with the music still in you.

~ Wayne W. Dyer

In August of this year I fulfilled a dream of mine by performing a full concert of my original solo piano music.  My theme for the evening was “Don’t Die with Your Music Still Inside You” and I encouraged the audience to follow their dreams, do something a little scary, and move forward in their personal development.  I reaffirm my message for today’s post and I encourage you to share your “music” with the world.

My brother, Mike Elder, was the emcee for the August evening and at the end of the concert he invited me back on the stage for an encore.  I wasn’t really prepared for this so I played part of an arrangement I had been working on to a song called I Am a Child of God. It’s a children’s song written by Mildred T. Pettit and has special meaning to me relating back to my own childhood.  I had been working on my own arrangement to the song for a few months prior to the concert and decided to play a teaser when I was invited back to the stage.  I promised the audience I would finish the arrangement and release it on my website once it was recorded.

It is finished and I recorded it last night.

For Sunday, I’m pleased to share with you a new arrangement to I Am a Child of God.  You can find it on the homepage of this blog.  It’s the first song listed in the sidebar entitled “Steve’s Solo Piano Music.” You are welcome to listen and download free of charge as my gift to you.  As always, you are welcome to listen and download for free the other songs listed as well.  There are three Christmas pieces available which you might enjoy for the season.  I am particularly proud of the arrangement of Jingle Bells as it is a duet with my nineteen year-old son, Braxton.  He also did the drum and bass tracks on the recording.  Let me know what you think of it.  

I encourage you to listen and ponder beautiful music today.  Music is the universal language.  Does it speak to you?  It does to me.  I am inspired by music and love the emotion it generates.  I keep composing and arranging because I feel there is more music in me.  My objective is to not die with it still inside.  I will keep sharing.  I hope you keep listening.

Choose to share your “music” with the world.  Choose greatness.


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