On Leadership: Building Credibility

    True happiness involves the full use of one's power and talents. ~ John Gardner Left untended, knowledge and skill, like all assets, depreciate in value - surprisingly quickly. ~ David Maister Executives are like professional athletes.  They must continually perform at a high level or they will not have the opportunity to be … Continue reading On Leadership: Building Credibility

On Leadership: The Courage Needed for Integrity

Here is another story from Stephen M.R. Covey's book, the Speed of Trust, that teaches about the courage needed for integrity.  It was related by the wife of a man who was in medical school some years ago. "Getting into medical school is pretty competitive, and the desire to do well and be successful puts … Continue reading On Leadership: The Courage Needed for Integrity

On Leadership: Integrity

I have been rereading Stephen M.R. Covey's wonderful book, The Speed of Trust, and felt the share a story he used to teach integrity.  Dr. Covey defines integrity when there is no gap between intent and behavior.  He calls this congruence. Dr. Covey illustrates this principle with a story about Mahatma Gandhi.  "At one point … Continue reading On Leadership: Integrity